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Parrot Querry Language (PQL)

or how to write "Preconditions" Queries

PQL Queries are always executed in a context, e.g. the case or a new incident



  • Strings ('hello', "foo bar")
  • Integers (1, 2, 5123)
  • Floats (1.0, 0.009)
  • Dates (now(), date("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'"))
  • Intervals ('1d', '24h', '1440m')
    • can be negative ('-7d', '-1w)
    • valid modifiers: [w]eek, [d]ay, [h]our, [m]inute


reference a field in the context

  • Simple (event_count)
  • Dicts (malware.name)
  • Lists (reporters[0])

logical expressions

  • Operators: AND, OR
  • Parenthesis a AND (b OR c)
  • Negation a AND NOT b
  • existence: a IS NULL, b is NOT NULL, c IS KEY, d IS NOT KEY

Relational operators

< > <= >= !=


  • between(<field>, <lowerbound>, <upperbound>)
    • between(event_count, 0, 999)
  • format(<format_string>, <object...> args)
    • format('client_id is %s, event_count is %d', case.client_id, case.event_count)
  • in_cidr(<hex_field>, <cidr_range>)
    • in_cidr(resources.ip.hex, "")
  • nettag(<hex_field>, <network tag>)
    • nettag(resources.ip[0].hex, "Dynamic")
  • infected(<field>, <malware name>) - normalized malware name check
    • infected(malware.name, "Zeus")
  • contains(<haystack>, <needle>)
    • contains(['foo', 'bar', 'baz'], 'bar')
    • contains('foobarbaz', 'oob')
  • current_user() - returns the current user's name
  • now() - returns this instant as a date object
  • date_diff(<date_from>, <date_to>) - returns an interval (from-to)
    • date_diff(now(), last_event_date)
    • date_diff(now(), yesterday) == interval("-1d")
  • date_add(<date>, <interval) - returns a date object
    • date_add(now(), '24h')
    • date_add(now(), '-1d')
  • interval(<expr>)
    • interval('1d')
    • interval('24h')
    • interval('90m')
    • interval('-4w')
  • date(<expr>) - returns a date object
    • date("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'")
  • date_format(<date>, <format_string>) - returns a string in a format specified by format_string.
    • date("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'")


type_counts[0].name == 'copyright'
event_count < 2 AND date_diff(now(), last_event_date) < interval('1h')
current_user() == 'superuser'
timeout_date < now()

Updated about a year ago

Parrot Querry Language (PQL)

or how to write "Preconditions" Queries

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