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Email Templates

Learn how to create and use email templates to send messages to your team or customer

Private Beta

If you are interested in joining this feature, please let us know.

SMTP Service

You need to specify which SMTP server AbuseHQ should use to send your email notifications. You can store multiple smtp servers and select one for each template.


Example Template

From: support@example.com
To: {{ subscriber.resolver_data.email }}
Subject: [Reference ID: {{ case.id }}] Possible NTP Abuse from your Network

Dear {{ subscriber.resolver_data.name | default: "Customer" }}, 

We have been notified of a potential security related issue with your internet service. 

--- The following material was provided to us as evidence --- 
{{ repshare.event.url }} {% comment %} Url to the abuse report {% endcomment %}

Templating Language

AbuseHQ uses the Liquid syntax to insert dynamic data into your email templates. Here is a short introduction on how to use it:

{{ user.name }}
{{ user.mood | default: '😃' }}

{% if product.rating >= 4 %}
  These shoes are awesome!
{% endif %}

{% if customer.name == 'kevin' %}
  Hey Kevin!
{% elsif customer.name == 'anonymous' %}
  Hey Anonymous!
{% else %}
  Hi Stranger!
{% endif %}

{% comment %}
  This is a block comment in Liquid
{% endcomment %}

For details about Liquid refer to the Liquid template language introduction.